Monterey County 
Amateur Emergency Communications

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Home Page of Monterey County 
Amateur Emergency Communications

Amateur Radio Operators

(HAMS) of Monterey County

support local agencies whenever 

an emergency calls for extra 

communication resources.  

Although we are called "amateurs" 

we are very professional in the 

level of service we provide as a 

volunteer (non paid) network of 

highly skilled communication 


MC-AEC is a governing 

organization responsible for fund 

raising and is fully sanctioned as 

an operating club by ARRL 


The Current



may be found on our ARES 

website by clicking HERE.

We also support large scale

local events whenever extra

communications support is 

needed, such as bicycle races, 

marathons,and charity events.

Tri-County Area

Monterey County

San Benito County

Santa Cruz County

Location of Monterey County

The county is around 

100 miles long from 

north to south and the 

variable terrain often 

makes it difficult to 

communicate into 

sheltered valleys 

between ranges.

Monterey County 

Amateur Emergency 


is a Weather-Ready 

Nation Ambassador.


Our annual membership 

fee is $30/year.

Click HERE to renew membership.

If you wish to make an extra donation, of if you have limited funds, you can put in any amount when you click on the link.


Wednesday evenings at 1930 hours on the following freq;

K6JE 145.470, -600, PL=94.8

located on Fremont Peak

We thank the Fremont Peak Repeater Association for the use of their repeater on a weekly basis.

Visit FPRA website at

Our terrain veries from rugged coastal ranges to agricultural interior valleys surrounded by additional inland mountains.

Rugged Big Sur Coastline of Monterey County

Photo Credit:  NOAA

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website click HERE